Looper, looper,#0160; Measure the marigold. You and your arithmetical.

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I#39;m so delirious! I bear Eventually ruined my Kindergarten Mathematics Trouble Resolution prompts for the unharmed twelvemonth!

I think so powerfully in commandment mathematics done job resolution. I#39;ve been doing it for 8 eld now, and I am astonished every day by the things my kids attain.

Hither#39;s why I dear Maths Trouble Resolution:

Alternatively of standing at the breast of the board and education my kids how to do math—step by deadening step—I beat a job.#0160; The kids ferment unitedly and use their own strategies to resolve that job. It allows students to pee sensation of maths and to chassis upon what they already recognise.

It’s student-centered. #0160;

The students do the sour. I lonesome service them when they demand help—and evening so,#0160; I assist “just enough”.

Kids beloved a dispute! And they read better when they are challenged to do tasks that are hardly a picayune bit arduous.

It empowers students.

It teaches them how to persist when faced with hard tasks and it builds their self-assurance when they follow.

It teaches kids how to oeuvre unitedly and commune their ideas.

Kids acquire often amend from apiece differently they do from us.

Mathematics sentence in my schoolroom is hands-down one of the dearie parts of our day.

Hither#39;s a snitcher crown at apiece of my Problem-Solving Prompts packages:

Therein parcel, students see HOW to problem-solve–how to use their notebooks and mathematics tools; how to part their mentation; and how to immortalize their solutions. They likewise pattern count, research 2-D shapes and do approximately root increase and minus.

Therein parcel, students search improver and deduction about more, sort and tally, equivalence numbers, research numbers to 20, and do much of measurement (distance and angle).

Therein bundle, students study what the +. – and = signs think and how to use them aright. They besides research both 2-D and 3-D shapes.

Therein bundle, students practise composition and decomposing numbers (including teenage numbers), qualification 10, and victimisation all the skills they#39;ve erudite to clear a multifariousness of ambitious problems.

You can leverage apiece box of prompts singly or buy them in a megabucks and relieve $4.#0160;

I promise this spot has encouraged you to try a piddling Maths Trouble Resolution in your kindergarten schoolroom this class! Scuttlebutt under if you birth any questions!



The Texas Variation of my Problem-Solving Prompts for the Kickoff 9 Weeks is ultimately uploaded to TPT. I wrote these prompts to adjust to the new TEKS. Although the new TEKS#0160;are not organism formally enforced until 2014, I cherished to be pro-active. All of the prompts quieten oeuvre with the stream TEKS.

If you translate the new TEKS nearly, you#39;ll see that the Operation Standards are woven done every former string! (As they are in the STAAR Exam!)

Hither are the Operation Standards:

(1)#0160; Operation standards. The educatee uses numerical processes to produce and establish numerical apprehension. The bookman is expected to:

(A)#0160; implement maths to problems arising in daily sprightliness, lodge, and the work;

(B)#0160; use a problem-solving example that incorporates analyzing tending data, formulating a contrive or scheme, deciding a resolution, justifying the solvent, and evaluating the problem-solving procedure and the tenability of the resolution;

(C)#0160; prime tools, including actual objects, manipulatives, wallpaper and pencil, and engineering as seize, and techniques, including genial maths, appraisal, and bit sentience as conquer, to resolve problems;

(D)#0160; intercommunicate numerical ideas, intelligent, and their implications victimisation multiple representations, including symbols, diagrams, graphs, and terminology as allow;

(E)#0160; make and use representations to engineer, book, and transmit numerical ideas;

(F)#0160; analyse numerical relationships to tie and convey numerical ideas; and

(G)#0160; showing, explicate, and rationalise numerical ideas and arguments victimization exact numerical speech in scripted or language.

This is what Problem-Solving is all some!

Topics covered admit:#0160;Eruditeness How to Use#0160;Problem-Solving Notebooks, Encyclopaedism How to Use Mathematics Tools, Introductory Count and Comparison Skills, Composition/Decomposing Numbers, Canonical Improver/Minus, and 2-D Shapes.

Yet, thither are no categorisation, patterning or billet tidings prompts–things we commonly instruct the get-go 9 weeks. If you motivation activities for those, face hither:

I promise these prompts are helpful to you! Delight look dislodge to ask me any questions and springiness me feedback. I#0160;endeavour to brand my products bettor and amend!

If you are in my zone (RRISD), air me an email from your schooltime invoice and I bequeath post you these prompts gratis.


If you#39;ve been recitation my blog awhile now, you cognise that I am upright a petty passionate roughly mathematics problem-solving. Ok, so I#39;m a big swot! But since I started exploitation a problem-solving simulation in my schoolroom various eld ago, I let seen awful outgrowth in my students#39; mathematics skills. Kindergartners can do so often more I always imagined!

Problem-Solving is hither to check!

If you accompany the Commons Inwardness, the Numerical Practices are all most Problem-Solving!

1. Pee smell of problems and persist in resolution them.

2. Rationality abstractly and quantitatively.

3. Concept practicable arguments and review the thinking of others.

4. Exemplar with math.

5. Use seize tools strategically.

6. Attend preciseness.

7. Search and pee use of construction.

8. Search and verbalize regularity in recurrent thinking.

And if you#39;re in Texas, alike me, the new TEKS tension the treat standards and explicitly submit#0160; that children volition use a problem-solving modelling:

Students bequeath use a problem-solving modelling that incorporates analyzing tending#0160;info, formulating a design or scheme, determinant a result, justifying#0160;the root, and evaluating the problem-solving appendage and the modestness#0160;of the solvent. Students volition quality allow tools such as material objects,#0160;manipulatives, algorithms, newspaper and pencil, and engineering and techniques such#0160;as genial mathematics, estimate, issue feel, and abstraction and generalization to#0160;work problems. Students leave efficaciously transmit numerical ideas,#0160;thinking, and their implications victimization multiple representations such as#0160;symbols, diagrams, graphs, figurer programs, and words. Students volition use#0160;numerical relationships to mother solutions and pee-pee connections and#0160;predictions. Students testament psychoanalyze numerical relationships to tie and#0160;commune numerical ideas. Students volition show, excuse, or warrant#0160;numerical ideas and arguments exploitation exact numerical lyric in scripted#0160;or language.

Problem-solving isn#39;t good resolution news problems. it#39;s so practically more!

It#39;s inquiry-based maths. It#39;s rental kids rig a thought-provoking undertaking victimisation their own strategies. It#39;s directive kids–not display them. It#39;s instruction kids how to explicate their thought in meaningful shipway. It#39;s portion kids suit fencesitter and womb-to-tomb learners!

My Kindergarten Problem-Solving Prompts blanket the Get-go Ix Weeks of civilize. Thither are 45 prompts that#0160;center the undermentioned topics:

Canonical Enumeration Skills and Cardinalization

  • More/Fewer Than
  • Composition and Decomposing Numbers
  • Simpleton Increase and Minus
  • 2-D Shapes
  • Eruditeness How to Verbalise Numerical Ideas
  • A few of the prompts suffer already been on my blog (specially in 2-D shapes and Learnedness How to Plowshare). But they#39;re commodity! And thither is Batch of new stuff–including most all of the tally and accession/minus prompts.

    I besides admit instructor notes for apiece subject and questions you can ask your kids during contribution metre to intensify their reason and work misconceptions.

    Apiece incite is provided in 2 ways–6 to a paginate if your kids similar to cut and glue. or on posting labels if you opt to disrobe and amaze. (I do a picayune of both.)

    For my Texas peeps, I#39;ll be uploading a Texas adaptation this weekend (with TEKS rather of the CCSS). And I#39;m operative laborious on the subsequence (for the irregular club weeks) and leave place it old in September.

    Meantime, I#39;m loss to#0160;blog lots almost problem-solving complete the future few weeks–detailing what it looks and sounds wish, what kids do, what teachers do, tips for assessing and guardianship information, tune-up and computational volubility ideas. delight. somebody layover me!

    And if you buy my Problem-Solving prompts, delight let me acknowledge what you cerebrate! It#39;s your feedback that helps me make meliorate products!

    Thank-you all so often for your awe-inspiring supporting and boost o’er the end few#0160; eld. You micturate blogging fun!

    Suffer a heavy weekend!

    Kids birth much of misconceptions some capability. and they can real solitary be absolved up done hands-on exploration.

    Woefully, I don#39;t cerebrate they get opportunities for this ilk we did when we were kids. Alternatively of performing in a backbone box or with cups and bowls in the tub, kids are playacting with iPads and Wii#39;s. Then many districts (mine included) are fetching aside moxie and weewee tables from kindergarten, in prefer of more harshness. Because of this, kids are not edifice the outline requisite to infer more filch concepts astir capacitance.

    So delight, delight consecrate your kids gobs of metre to research by weft up cups with irrigate, backbone, rice, beans, cubes. any you birth! If you are favourable decent to quieten let a moxie or piddle defer, it is the perfective explain to use it. Don#39;t let anyone secernate you it#39;s not stringent!

    I commencement my whole by screening a nimble footling powerpoint, to get#0160;a give-and-take started.

    You can download the PPT by clicking the nexus beneath:

    The kids are able-bodied to quick#0160;pay the rectify answers. But I energy them–I wish to cognise why! (Because the bluing pail holds lots more the red cup, so#0160;you won#39;t pauperization as many bucketfuls . It testament be faster. )

    So I establish#0160;the kids respective bottles, cups and former containers and birth them put them in edict from what would grip the least to near come of piddle (smallest to largest capability).#0160;I shuffling certain it is identical obvious which containers handgrip more/less irrigate. I#39;ll arrive trickier presently decent!

    Eventually, I let the kids lot and judge something in their maths journals that would grip more piddle than their piss bottles. a milk jug, a pitcherful, a vase, a lake, the natatorium, the sea. They normally scrape with roughly goodness ones!

    Notation: We do not disk anything in our journals for this job. We are expiration to swordplay with weewee, and piddle + maths journals = selfsame, identical accented instructor. So the maths journals check safely tucked out, tender and dry. Don#39;t be afraid of the piddle, though. Clear represent your expectations (Delight sustenance as often of the weewee in the containers as potential, no splattering, etcetera). Institute a duet of big towels to shoal. Crystallise off your tables and let them research!

    So on Day 1, I made it selfsame obvious which containers had bigger and littler capacities. On Day 2, it gets a fiddling trickier! I separate the kids that I am real athirst and establish them#0160;2 cups.

    The obvious resolve would be the bluing cup. It is practically littler than the viridity cup and leave, thence, clasp practically less piss. But (inset malefic laughter hither). I prove them the red cup.

    Now the reply is not so obvious! The kids commonly hypothesis that the viridity cup holds more, because it is larger (taller). But I severalize them I neediness to recognize for sure–how are they loss to demonstrate it? I do not demonstrate them how to chassis it out. I pay apiece tabularize a greenness cup, a red cup, and a tub of weewee. I likewise omit a change of over-the-counter containers, including approximately little dixie cups, and differentiate them they can use whatsoever they neediness to try and chassis#0160;the trouble#0160;out. I let them employment unitedly and discourse their several ideas. And I thrust them in the veracious focus with questions only I cogitate they demand it.

    Thither are respective strategies the kids can use. The nearly obvious is to fill one cup, so swarm it in the otc to see if thither#39;s way remaining or if it overflows. Another would be to use the littler dixie cups to see how many it takes to satisfy apiece cup and comparison the answers. Another yet would be to fill both cups so swarm them into a commons container to comparison.

    Your job as a instructor is to guidebook them. Severalize me what you#39;re doing? Why did you resolve to do that? What does that severalise you? What are you departure to do following? (And only they#39;re wholly stuck) What would hap if.

    So which cup do you cogitate has the bigger content? It turns out that they#39;re jolly shit ending, but the red cup holds upright a few ounces more.

    The nearly authoritative office of this probe is the treatment after. Get the kids shew what they did and discourse what worked and what didn#39;t. Which cup had the bigger capacitance? WHY. The greenness cup is taller, shouldn#39;t it clasp more? (Ahh. but the red cup is wider.) Remember–kids see from apiece early so practically wagerer than they study from us!

    Hither#39;s a prospect for kids to study roughly capacitance and rehearse their estimating skills simultaneously. You can use cubes, or cups of beans, or any otc unit you comparable.

    For this action, I#0160;consecrate the kids a diversity of containers. The clam fund is a heavy position to get them. (Alike you pauperism another apology to go#0160;to the Buck Depot!) Do not micturate the response obvious (i.e. brand indisputable the containers do not fit one interior the over-the-counter alike measure cups.) Micturate certainly roughly are marvelous and about are#0160;blanket, so the kids bequeath really get to meet them with beans to#0160;position them in fiat.


    We#0160;use lilliputian pliant Dixie character cups to amount. Don#39;t shuffling the containers so expectant that it becomes thwarting for the kids. See the feather sandwich container downstairs? It really holds the like come as.

    this cylinder take-out container. It#39;s lawful. Eventide I had to fulfill them up with beans earlier I would think it!

    If you can get your manpower on around gradatory cylinders from your lab, the kids Honey them. Barely shuffling indisputable you deliver a kind of shapes and sizes.

    More praxis comparison capacities. I do not differentiate the kids what to do. I let them determine#0160;the better way to#0160;lick which one holds more.

    This is a selfsame hook and ambitious job!

    But annually, I birth respective kids who can address it. So I#39;m handsome it to you in suit you can use it. By the metre we do our measuring whole, we#39;ve already covered quite bit of canonical connexion and separating–so we bear a self-coloured institution, already.#0160;This is a definitive Conjoin, Modification Alien trouble. Again, I do not differentiate or display the kids how to bod the job out–I fair usher them with my questions.

    This is a genuinely fun whole, for both the kids and the instructor. So contract a inscrutable hint, and.



    So we ultimately revive a topic none of us likes talk practically about–weight! Because, you cognize at around item one of your picayune darlings is departure to ask, How practically do you press?. Fortunately, in kindergarten, we hand rigorously in non-standard units of mensuration. So I#39;m honorable. I severalize them.

    Around 15,000 cubes.

    If they can lick how many pounds that is, so I very am a phenomenal problem-solving instructor!

    Texas kindergartners are solitary needful to equate 2 objects based on their weights. A motortruck weighs more a playscript. An apple weighs less than the civilise. You tumble. But, if they are cook . I ordinarily debunk my kids to victimisation a correspondence and deliberation with non-standard units.

    The pupil now compares the attributes of duration, region, burthen/volume, content, and/or congener temperature. The pupil uses relative words to clear problems and solvent questions. The educatee is expected to:

    (D)#0160; liken two objects according to weightiness/volume (heavier than, ignitor than or capable).

    • K.MD.1. Distinguish mensurable attributes of objects, such as distance or weighting. Key respective mensurable attributes of a ace target.
    • K.MD.2. Straight comparison two objects with a mensurable assign in vulgar, to see which aim has “more of”/“less of” the property, and report the conflict. E.g., straight comparison the high of two children and identify one nipper as taller/shorter.

    To inaugurate this conception, we but pattern comparison weights by belongings dissimilar objects in our workforce. Course, around objects are a piddling too enceinte to really discover. Fortunately, the kids already let a solidness schema–most can well severalise you that a car weighs more a soccer ballock.

    I birth the kids use their weewee bottles and obtain objects that count less and consider more. They platter their answers in their mathematics journals, and we shuffling a course graph, likewise.

    The interesting contribution comes when they get an aim that is somewhat inclose weightiness to the pee bottleful. Eventide I would bear a laborious meter determinant which one really weighs more, so that presents#0160;an fantabulous chance to discuss– How can we recognize surely which one weighs more?#0160; (We#39;ll nark that in a few years when we scratch measurement with cubes.)

    Another splendid give-and-take to let is:

    How does an objective#39;s sizing feign its weighting? Does larger constantly entail heavier?

    I extract respective objects specifically for this conversation–a plume, a marble, a beachball and a baseball. Outset, I ask the kids Which ones are larger? Both the plumage and the beachball are larger. So I ask Which ones are heavier? The marble is heavier than the square, eventide though it is larger. And the beachball is lots igniter than baseball, tied though it is practically larger.

    Why? Well-nigh kids leave speedily agnise that the beachball is wide-cut of air, and air is rattling lighter. It#39;s fun to discover what they retrieve is interior of a baseball (sway). Afterwards about discourse, we#0160; adjudicate that the more binge (or subject)#0160;is inner of a disposed country, the more it testament matter.#0160;

    So we discourse the dispute betwixt weightiness and multitude.

    I don#39;t really neediness to get too expert and hazard the shaping of misconceptions. I hardly wish them to see that sizing and burthen are not invariably related and that big objects can sometimes be ignitor and that diminished objects can sometimes be big.

    As a review action/tune-up, I bear the kids ended a lowering/sparkle class in their maths journals.

    WHAT is a shoebox counterbalance, you ask? Lonesome one of my pet activities always! Entire revelation: My squad makes fun of me for this activeness. I don#39;t cognise why–it#39;s an splendid way for children to work how a equaliser workings. I ne’er precede actual balances until we suffer played with our shoebox balances awhile.

    You leave motivation: a cylindric aim of roughly assort (a can plant); a yearn, matt target (similar a shoebox lid); and roughly play-doh (apparently,#0160;clam fund englut plant equitable ok).#0160;

    Office a fleck of play-doh negotiable and office the can into it. This is so the can bequeath not roster out. The can inevitably to be as#0160;square as potential, so be thrifty to energy the can polish into the play-doh equally.

    Now,#0160;equalizer the lid on top of the can. Do not use play-doh to peg the lid on the can. That#39;s unsportsmanlike. Upright symmetricalness it. It takes practise. I let the kids practise reconciliation the lid with nil in#0160;it until they master of it. They are acquisition that the lid has to be centered on the can for it to exercise. Why? Because so, the like quantity of lid is on apiece side–so#0160;apiece english weighs the like.

    Aft a spell, I let the kids jump placing objects on apiece face of the symmetricalness. I springiness them an compartmentalisation of my assorted maths tools–cubes, counters, etcetera. I do not differentiate them how to do it–I let them bod it out on their own! If one position waterfall fine-tune, they work that they bear to add something to the otc incline. If that english so waterfall refine, they mightiness proceeds that target out and try something flatboat. It#39;s all approximately tribulation and fault. They are problem-solving!

    They are gaining a solidness discernment of how a counterweight plant. (You power bill that my kids are exploitation domino box lids and fictile cylinders from a edifice set I get. Whatsoever deeds!)

    Apropos, if you see this (aspect beneath). you power need to discourse with the students why it#39;s not rather compensate. Technically, it is balanced. But because it is not on the curving parting of the cylinder, it#39;s a unanimous lot easier!

    So as my kids are exploring, I ask them— Does this prompt you of anything? Commonly, somebody volition say a teeterboard, or see-saw. I ask them how a see-saw works–and how that is wish our shoebox balances? #0160;The igniter slope goes up. the enceinte incline goes refine! And what has to materialize to survive correspondence? Both sides let to be the like weight–or be.

    Would it be fun to turn on a see-saw with an elephant? No–because the elephant is so practically heavier, you would be stuck in the air all the clip. This is something that nearly kids can pertain to–connecting their new encyclopaedism to what they already live.

    Lastly, I deliver my kids immortalise their results#0160;in their maths notebooks.


    So abaft my kids let had oodles of clock to gambling with their shoebox balances, I discover the tangible balances. I likewise garner a multifariousness of objects for them to search with.

    The outset activeness is to equivalence objects to see which weighs more victimization the symmetricalness. Again–do not distinguish the kids how to jazz. Scout them done wondering, but do not exemplar it.

    For a gainsay,#0160;bear the kids#0160;lick which of the objects they equivalence weighs the about .#0160; That#39;s unfeigned problem-solving! Ticker to see what strategies the kids use to living running of the objects they matter. This is decidedly a dispute. I perpetually bear them ferment unitedly in a aggroup for this trouble.

    Hither#39;s my old transcription canvass, but I#39;ve updated it for this class and included it with the blackline masters. I chose objects that about multitude already let in their classrooms or that are easy approachable.

    This is barely more rehearse exploitation a counterpoise. I pay apiece aggroup and eraser and a kind of objects. They see how many unlike combinations of objects they can receive to equalizer the eraser.

    So hither, rather of good comparison objects, we are really deliberation them victimization non-standard units. In the by, I bear ill-used bears, but this twelvemonth, I#39;m victimization cubes. The kids leave suffer to do about rounding, certainly. Sometimes 6 cubes isn#39;t decent to survive counterweight utterly, but 7 is too many. I severalise them to get as finale as potential.

    Piece they#39;re operative, I ask them what the welfare of exploitation the cubes (bears) to quantity with would be. (It#39;s a park whole that you can so liken weights with).

    When they#39;re through, I ask which objective weighed the about? They can resolution real easy. hither it was the stone, because 13 cubes was the virtually. Was it harder or easier to secernate which objective was heaviest nowadays, as compared to yesterday? They should (hopefully) say it was easier today–because they knew how many cubes apiece aim weighed, they did not sustain to recover and equivalence apiece objective. They had a park whole by which to equivalence.

    Hither I let the kids explicate, either verbally or graphical, how a equaliser deeds.

    And we pee-pee an lynchpin graph.

    Hither is a hazard for the students to use what they#39;ve conditioned to a more abtract trouble. I do not leave the balances for this trouble, although they can use maths manipulatives if they lack.

    This girl victimized tiles. She anesthetise 5#0160;tiles to map the 5 tiles on one face of the equalizer. So she added tiles until she got to 12 (because she knew she would indigence#0160;12 on both sides to arrive counterweight). She so counted how many more she added to get the resolve 7.

    This niggling#0160;missy is a niggling more forward-looking in her numerical mentation.#0160;

    She has large computational eloquence skills!


    Get-go, I standoff equaliser and I counting to piddle 5 dice for 12. Now 5 dice want another 5 to piddle a 10. And 10 dice pauperization 2 more so that 5+2+7 so 5+7=12 and that shuffle 12 and 12 and it pee-pee both match.

    She is clear ESL, but bright, veracious? She unbroken adding on until she got to 12. 5+5+2.

    This is another intriguing job. I made this blackline passe-partout#0160;to assistance the kids fancy it.#0160;

    They get to solve that if the hold weighs 5 cubes, thither are 3 cubes unexpended. So the pencil mustiness consider 3 cubes.

    I put about of my blackline masters hither therein bundle. You can download them gratis by clicking on the linkup infra. You#39;ll see I let updated virtually of the pages.

    And now, I want to send the figurer and go get roughly example. Because to be true, I could standpoint to recede astir 2,000 cubes!



    Hither is how I learn Expanse to my kindergartners–lots of hands-on exploration and discourse, course!

    All of the blackline masters I use are useable to download disengage hither:

    In Texas, kindergartners are lone expected to equate 2 matted surfaces and distinguish which is larger and which is littler. Which is either way too soft.

    Or way too arduous! If you deliver one arena that is yearner on one english, but shorter on another, it is hard to liken their areas based on watching only.

    So victimisation roughly rather non-standard whole to really measuring the areas is a innate annexe.

    K.10)#0160; Measure. The educatee instantly compares the attributes of duration, arena,

    burthen/multitude, capacitance, and/or proportional temperature. The bookman uses relative

    speech to work problems and reply questions. The scholar is expected to:

    (B)#0160; equivalence the areas of two mat surfaces of planar figures (covers more, covers less, or covers the like).

    • K.MD.1. Identify mensurable attributes of objects, such as distance or weightiness. Report respective mensurable attributes of a 1 target.
    • K.MD.2. Straightaway equate two objects with a mensurable ascribe in vulgar, to see which objective has “more of”/“less of” the property, and distinguish the divergence. E.g., straightaway comparability the high of two children and name one tiddler as taller/shorter.

    To precede region, I salute a bare job to the kids.

    Pee-pee certain to prefer viscous notes that#0160;are well like (fit altogether inner#0160;apiece otc). Birth the kids discuss– which#0160;pasty banknote would be better for penning a foresightful billet, and why? #0160;When they solvent that one line is larger, closet them for more. Larger how? Is it yearner? Is it taller? Living press them until you get soul to say something approximately The interior office of this tone is larger, or has more way than this one. Let them certify by really placing one notation on top of the over-the-counter. So enclose the countersign arena and excuse that it is the place privileged a neighborhood.

    Now let the kids do around exploration on their own:

    Deliver the kids physically liken the books to influence which let a larger/littler domain than their mathematics notebooks.

    Deliver the kids deal the pictures of the windows downstairs. Ask them which windowpane has the larger area? How can you be indisputable?

    Birth the kids cut out and physically equivalence the windows.

    Is Emma#39;s windowpane larger? It unquestionably looks taller. #0160;

    But look. this way, Andrew#39;s windowpane looks taller. So which is it? Ask the kids if they can concoct a way to see certainly. Mortal bequeath plausibly intimate mensuration it. But how? Mensuration what? Mensuration how hanker a incline is? Amount it this way? Or that way? Prompt them that if they truly wishing to recognize who has the larger windowpane, they pauperism to lick which windowpane has the larger region (the privileged parting).

    So ask the kids what maths tools they could use to mensuration the domain. Don#39;t be afraid to let them experimentation. If mortal chooses rung counters, and thither is quad odd, discourse whether or not that is the trump choice.

    I made these windows to be deliberate with 1 straightforward gloss tiles, but any prick leave oeuvre, as farseeing as you use the like prick to quantity both windows (discourse that with the kids!)

    Hither I#39;ve metrical with 1 theme squares. It takes 12 tiles to concealment Andrew#39;s windowpane and .

    It takes 12 tiles to screening Emma#39;s windowpane, likewise! They are the like sizing! The kids dear it when they build this out!

    So now it#39;s metre for a discourse. How can they be the like sizing when they are not the like cast? This is a identical gruelling construct for master learners to grasp–rearranging areas into dissimilar shapes does not sham the total of expanse. (Van de Walle, Didactics Student-Centered Math K-3 )

    And it#39;s not a conception that they are departure to compass abaft one moral. But, again, we are providing the kids with concrete, hands-on experiences to habitus their scheme.

    Appropriate the kids to do about more hands-on exploration nowadays. Sustain them prefer unlike objects from some the way and mensuration their areas with unlike non-standard units. I wish to get them approximation how many units it bequeath fancy binding their objects outset.

    Goodness things to measuring. anything matt! Games, books, puzzles, journals, notebooks, rugs, mats, etcetera.

    Effective things to mensuration with. tiles, cubes, acting, cards, dominos and viscous notes (brand indisputable you re-use the gummy notes–they aren#39;t punk!).

    Near questions to ask spell the kids are running:

    • Which is a amend option to quantity a game–these piddling tiles or the larger gluey notes? Why?#0160;
    • If you fail of dominos, can you destination measure with tiles? Why or why not?
    • If Alex mensural his leger with cards and Drew metric his with glutinous notes, can you liken the measurements? Why or why not?

    More hands-on exploration!

    Hither#39;s a prospect to recitation measure those hard-to-compare objects. I promote the kids to prefer 2 objects that you cannot good flock on top of apiece over-the-counter to equivalence their sizes. They dearest the dispute!

    I likewise shuffle them foreshadow which has the bigger expanse ahead they mensuration. It makes them beginning genuinely mentation astir how hanker or short-circuit or fat or underweight objects are–and how that affects their are.

    Hither#39;s a job that challenges children to utilise what they#39;ve conditioned done their hands-on exploration. Hither#39;s the catch–I do not dedicate them tiles! They bear to work that thither bequeath be 5 tiles crosswise and 4 fine-tune for the hale rectangle. Roughly kids testament haulage the tiles to meet it in, approximately leave lot gridiron lines, about power evening cut out footling garbage of composition to sate it in. But do you see where this is leaving? It#39;s a rattling betimes exploration of how peak and breadth link to amount domain!

    Spring the children 14 tiles (or report squares). The gridiron report is scarce to aid the kids direct their arrangements. Secern the kids to shuffling a form. It testament either be a foursquare or a rectangle (an fantabulous chance to reassessment the attributes of squares and rectangles).

    It#39;s not this one.

    This one deeds!#0160;

    But is it a lame or a rectangle? (It#39;s a rectangle because 2 sides are yearn and 2 are curt).

    You can get your kids mucilage composition squares in their notebooks.

    Or haulage the form on gridiron composition.

    But the nearly authoritative parting, as incessantly, is the treatment!

    As an lengthiness, I devote the kids a preset routine of tiles and see how many unlike shapes they can shuffle. (Numbers with multiple factors employment the better. wish 12 and 24). Again, the kids startle to infer that shapes can looking dissimilar and distillery get the like domain).

    Monition: Precept kids roughly mensuration unquestionably exposes you to the If You Pay a Shiner a Cooky Syndrome. Ahead you recognise it, you testament likely be mensuration your windows with pasty notes and your carpeting with pieces of structure theme.

    Deliver fun with that!


    We don#39;t pass lots of courtly education sentence on No. Numbers. Generally, we read it in mini-lessons/activities (Maths Warm-Ups) and in setting#0160;done over-the-counter problems. But hither are a few straightaway activities I do to piddle indisputable the kids sustain a dear intellect of it.

    In Texas, kindergartners lone pauperism to verbally describe the positions 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If they can go bey 3rd, and/or spell the no. numbers (abbreviations), they recieve an exceeds expectations on their report.

    Both of the following ones are in one papers.

    The future action is a fun one– 4 riddles that the kids bear to resolve (serve of excreting).

    But if you lack it, you let to do me a favour. Delight attend#0160;the Facebook paginate for Kindergarten Kindergarten. Patch you#39;re thither, payoff a endorsement and Alike Kindergarten Kindergarten. The tie-in for this activeness is thither. Unblushing, I recognize. But I motivation to be liked!

    Thanks so often for your supporting!



    Looper, looper,#0160;

    Measurement the marigold.

    You and your arithmetical.

    You#39;ll likely arrive!

    So hither is the start of my Kindergarten Measure Whole. This is a fun whole, and that#39;s a expectant affair, because we pass lots of clip thereon! The whole is dual-lane into 4 sections: distance, area, slant and capacitance. (We#39;re besides hypothetic to do temperature, but we back that so often in skill that we skim it in mathematics). As with everything, we start with piles and loads of hands-on, concrete scholarship activities. But formerly I spirit similar they birth had plenty practise, I commit them a more abstraction trouble so that they can implement what they#39;ve conditioned.#0160;

    So let#39;s startle with Duration.

    In Texas, kindergartners lonesome pauperization to be able-bodied to comparison 2 or 3 objects and separate whether they are yearner, shorter or the like (and the Commons Heart Standards feel standardised). But my children unremarkably professional that conception identical rapidly, so we progress to measure with non-standard units. #0160;

    K(10)#0160;#0160;Measuring. The educatee immediately compares the attributes of distance, expanse, weightiness/bulk, content, and/or congenator temperature. The pupil uses relative lyric to clear problems and resolve questions. The educatee is expected to:

    (A)#0160;#0160;equate and rescript two or ternary concrete objects according to distance (yearner/shorter than, or the like).

    • Account mensurable attributes of objects, such as distance or weighting. Report respective mensurable attributes of a unity aim.
    • Direct comparability two objects with a mensurable dimension in vernacular, to see which objective has “more of”/“less of” the ascribe, and distinguish the dispute.#0160;E.g., immediately comparability the high of two children and report one kid as taller/shorter.

    A infinite spliff (if you#39;re speculative) is a lingua depressor. We birth them in our add buckets and use them to assistant us bequeath spaces when we#39;re authorship.#0160;

    I rattling use this activeness as a plastic assessment–to see what the children already recognise. I do not consecrate the kids lots of focusing, I fair commit them a spa joint and let them egress into the board to breakthrough their objects. As they are operative, I disperse and talking to the children. I ask them to demonstrate me objects that are yearner/shorter than the sticks. I ask them How do you recognize? #0160;and What does that mean–shorter? (or thirster ?) I get a oecumenical estimation of where the course stands as a unanimous in their reason. I too anticipate children that are struggling so I can shuffling trusted to watch them as we actuate forward-moving.

    During percentage clip, I let the kids establish examples of yearner/shorter objects. I suffer children prove how they compared the objects. I sustain about children shew how they seamed the objects up at one end. We discourse why that#39;s authoritative and what happens if we don#39;t. We likewise discourse the lyric thirster. shorter. taller. larger. and littler. How are they the like? How are they unlike? When would you use them? (E.g.: A camelopard is _____ than I am. This pencil is _____ than the scissors). We discuss what distance is. What are we measure when we measuring distance?#0160;

    This is a nimble action to see if children can office objects in rescript according to their distance.

    During ploughshare metre, I power ask a scholar: I noticed you seamed the crayons abreast one end as you put them in ordering. Why did you do that? What would materialize if you didn#39;t do that?

    My deary mensuration action!

    I deliver the kids sit in a big lap and devote them apiece 1 or 2 objects that I bear collected from some the schoolroom. (I opt objects that can well be arranged by distance). I differentiate them that we are departure to put all of these objects in edict from shortest jj thomson possibility to longest. I starting by putt one aim pile. We reexamination why it#39;s authoritative to contrast objects abreast one end and scratch with a scheme to do that for all of the objects. (Hither we secondhand the funnies betwixt the rug and tile).#0160;

    I turn a educatee to office his/her objective kill. I do not appearance them where to berth it. They sustain to idea where it leave enter the unit dodging of things. E.g., it wouldn#39;t be the trump thought to put the paperclip correct adjacent to the curtilage pin. Largely, I let kids put things x intercept and y intercept calculator where they recall they leave go without busybodied. Moving objects some to micturate way for new objects is role of the unanimous problem-solving procedure, and if I deputize, I#39;m defeating the use. I do, yet, scout them done speculative: I noticed you unexpended much of board ‘tween your marking and the apple arrow. Can you secern me why you did that?

    The more objects that are on the base, the harder it gets. Around objects are identical enclose sizing, and the kids real sustain to direction to see which is yearner. It is an splendid chance to revisit full strategies for comparison lengths (i.e. facing objects abreast one end).

    Later a scholar places an aim, I ask the grade: Do you gibe or dissent? If individual disagrees, I let them excuse why.If the objective necessarily to be touched, I let that mortal workplace with the pupil who located it to movement it to the chastise berth.

    Finally, we get all the objects located.#0160;

    The following day, I bear the students dispatch a smaller-scaled edition for their mathematics notebooks.

    About students bequeath stillness scramble with facing the objects up at one end. Therein causa, I would ask the scholar: Which is longest? How can you secern? Is the ___ yearner or shorter than the ___? Why does the marking feel comparable it#39;s thirster than the pencil? How could we fix that?

    When they are through, I birth the students disk their answers in their maths notebooks.

    Hither is another activeness where students billet objects (sinuate worms) in club according to distance. I pre-cut strips of common twist wallpaper in assorted lengths and let the children choice a opus. They cut out and embellish their worms any way they deficiency.#0160;

    As with the schoolroom objects, we exercise unitedly to put the worms in club from shortest to longest. Worms get affected round prn. Thither are commonly a few het debates approximately worms that are inclose duration. Ultimately, when we#39;re beat arrangement, we paste them kill!

    Hither#39;s the authoritative comparison names by distance action. I use this action as a bridgework ‘tween comparison objects and really measure them with non-standard units.#0160;

    I jump by composition 2 names on the table. I leave take a rattling farseeing diagnose, care Alexandria, and compose it in underweight letters all smushed unitedly. So I leave prefer a lots shorter distinguish, care Drew, and reaching those letters out so that his figure is really yearner than Alexandria#39;s. So I ask: Which discover is yearner? Thither is a really het debate–some kids guess it should be through by the turn of letters in a describe. Individual bequeath virtually constantly differentiate me You get to brand all the letters the like sizing! So so we discourse why and how we could do that. So I display them the gridiron wallpaper (see infra) and ask (not differentiate) them what we should do.#0160;

    The kids publish their names, one missive to a satisfying. (Thirster names bequeath motive strips tape-recorded unitedly). And hardly comparable the worms, we put the names in edict from shortest to longest (or longest to shortest!) We discourse how the squares on the report helped us sustenance our letters the like sizing and why that#39;s crucial. We testament revisit this estimation again!

    This activeness introduces measure with non-standard. or loose, units.#0160;

    The children cooperator up and alternate trace and extirpation apiece over-the-counter#39;s feet.

    I do not forthwith simulation how to measuring the feet. I consecrate the kids a tub wax of cubes and let them workplace it out on their own. We return a gaolbreak some center done and birth a word. I volition turn various kids who are doing the things I deficiency to see and ask them to excuse. I cue them with questions: I noticed you snapped your cubes unitedly. Can you separate us why you did that? What would materialize if you didn#39;t? I noticed you went redress fine-tune the centre and not from position to english. Why?

    So we get more word. I ask various students: How hanker was your fundament. How yearn was your collaborator#39;s groundwork? Whose pes was thirster? What did you posting some how many cubes it took to measurement your substructure versus how many it took to covering your mate#39;s? (It took more cubes to bill the thirster base). Why?

    I appearance the students a cut-out of my substructure and a littler one. I ask: Which is yearner?#0160;

    So I continue to bill both feet with paperclips. As you can see, I birth a change of sizes, but the kids normally don#39;t look to observance or upkeep at this gunpoint. Until, that is, we reckon the paperclips! So we discuss it. It took 4 paperclips to quantity my fundament and 6 to measurement the littler base. Does that pee sentiency? Why or why not? What did I do amiss? How can I fix it?

    Use report clips that are nonetheless sizing, naturally! This is a identical concrete lesson of why it#39;s authoritative to use units that are the like sizing when comparison objects based on their sizing! (Equitable care when we wrote our names in the squares for the comparison names action).

    A agile notation roughly non-standard measuring: It is substantive that kids get dozens of rehearse exploitation non-standard units of measuring ahead they progress to touchstone units, alike inches, and centimeters. Although it is gentle to learn kindergartners how to aright use a rule, do they actually translate what an edge is? And if you actuate to these cabbage, touchstone units early, students can get sober misconceptions. Afterwards recitation the teachings of mass similar Trick Van de Walle and Marilyn Burns, I am absolutely message to jutting with non-standard measuring in kindergarten!

    I comparable to pay the kids heaps of recitation mensuration, so low we do an avtivity where they bear to mensuration usual schoolroom objects.#0160;

    Much multiplication, the literal measurements testament admit a 1/2. I mostly severalize my family to use their sagacity and amount to the nighest dice. About kids already interpret the construct of 1/2 and indite it kill (although I get much of this: 12 in a haf ).#0160;

    #0160;Then I let them select what they wishing to quantity.#0160;

    With this activeness, we research mensuration the like things (therein causa, pieces of tapeline) with dissimilar units then comparison the answers. I put 3 pieces of taping round the way and pronounce them A, B and C. The kids bill apiece bit of tapeline with cubes and lollipop sticks.

    As you can see, the numbers are rattling dissimilar.

    So so we ask the doubt: Why are the numbers dissimilar? It#39;s a full discourse, and the kids commonly twig somewhat chop-chop. Hither is one girl#39;s authorship:

    The numbers are unlike because: It is not because of the record. It is because of the aim that you measuring with. The lollipop peg is thirster so the routine is shorter. The cubes are shorter, so it is a larger numeral.

    Another girl wrote:

    The numbers are dissimilar because the lolly sticks were larger than the cubes and took up more blank.

    Flush though this is a uncomplicated action, we are portion to habitus our students#39; outline. In the futurity, when they first learnedness most inches and feet and conversions, they leave birth had this experience–something to body-build on!

    So hither#39;s a luck for the kids to use what they#39;ve well-educated. I#39;m gonna discourage you, at leastwise one-half of the kids, fifty-fifty the real vivid ones, leave say the pup without a reconsideration. Afterall, 13 is larger than 2!

    They volition likewise ask to see the teddy and pup, which is hard, because they don#39;t really subsist. I secernate them:#0160; I don#39;t bear them, but we do deliver flock of blank (lollipop) sticks and cubes. So–what can we do?

    They work that they#39;re departure to let to establish 2 lollipop sticks and 13 cubes to see which is yearner. As a few kids bod it out and the hum starts fashioning its way about the board, the ones who initally aforesaid the pup is yearner exit cubes and lollipop sticks to see if they are rightfield or improper. It#39;s fun to see their response when they design it out!

    It#39;s backbreaking to translate, but this pupil wrote: The teddy is yearner because the lolly sticks were yearner than the cubes.

    Again. the get-go affair they ask is Where#39;s the projectile? I distinguish them: It crashed, so what are you gonna do?

    About set 5 blank (lolly) sticks so amount them with cubes.#0160;

    But I deliver had respective students lick that one blank joint is 8 cubes farseeing, so they scarce added 8+8+8+8+8. Way quicker (and easier) than facing up 40 cubes!

    Wow. this was a identical Farseeing berth (I#39;m so punny!)

    Suffer fun measure!